“Theo makes me feel like a movie star when we work together! He is an exceptional artist with a very distinct style that is both classic and modern. I treasure his artwork.” Kedra Hart, Opus Oils Custom Perfume


“Soulful!” Aaron Jay Young, portrait photographer


“Like a fine whiskey he gets better with age.” Erica Simone, artist, photographer


“If you’re willing to let go for the camera, and not worry about looking just ‘good’, Theodore D. Robinson is the photographer for you. I have known Theo for more than 30 years. He has an eye for the individual, and the “fleeting moment”. He can be trusted to transform an image from surface to soul within.” Douglas Nielsen Dance Professor & Choreographer


“Very professional and the most important it’s beautiful what he does. Thanks a lot Theo!” LuLu Duhammel


“Ooohhhhh! These are so cool and so fresh!” Shelly Suzanne Hawkins


“Great pictures Theo! You can see the love in them.” Catherine Saxberg


“I love LOVE working with this guy!” Mark A. Parker